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How it works?

Wastewater enters the collection chamber and when it rises above a certain level the vacuum valve opens. Due to negative pressure wastewater is transported through the pipe network to the vacuum station. Because of high transport speeds the wastewater will only remain briefly within the pipe network.

I. House connection
Houses are connected to a collection chamber where wastewater is collected. The collection chamber has a vacuum valve that is automatically activated when wastewater reaches a certain level.
Advantage:  the collection chambers operate pneumatically/mechanically which therefore do not require electricity.

II. The pipe network
The pipe network consists of PVC or HDPE pipes. A central vacuum station keeps this pipe network under negative pressure. Due to their small diameter, the pipes can be laid at depths of 80 to 120 centimeters under the ground surface. The addition of air makes the wastewater lighter, which leads to higher transport speeds. The pipe network is laid in a ‘saw tooth profile’. Within this profile, a mixture of wastewater and air from the collection chamber is transported to the vacuum station.

a. Wastewater at rest
Within the pipeline network, the wastewater at rest flows into deeper lying ‘pockets’.
b. Activating the collection chamber
Once the collection chamber in the pipeline network is activated, the mixture of wastewater and air is transported towards the vacuum station.
c. Deactivating the collection chamber
Once the collection chamber is deactivated, the collection chamber, the entire system will come to rest. One transportation cycle has then been completed.

III. Vacuum station functions
The wastewater from the collection chamber is transported through the pipe network and enters in the vacuum tank (1). The vacuum in the tank is generated by vacuum pumps (2). The extracted air from the vacuum  tank can be purified with a Bio-filter or active carbon filter, if necessary (3). The level in the tank is measured with an ultrasonic gauge. The pressure pump(s) will be activated at high level (4) and
the wastewater will be transported to the sewage purification. The pressure pump(s) will stop automatically at low level.

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