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Collection – Vacuum Toilet System

We offer vacuum collecting units for all types of buildings and institutions. The vacuum collecting units create a powerful vacuum and are optimized for each application. The units have been designed to work reliably under heavy duty conditions and to bring energy saving benefits. They are designed for installation as part of the chain that makes up the waste water collection and transport.

In addition we offers a variety of vacuum toilets for different applications. Typical features include a water-saving flush, elegant design, reliability and low sound level in use. Toilets are available in porcelain and in robust stainless steel, and the range includes shock tested and squatting toilets. Interface valves are available to connect gravity lines to the vacuum piping system.
Vacuum generation
Evac OnlineMax
The Evac OnlineMax is currently the most powerful and energy efficient vacuum collecting system on the market.  The Max concept was specially designed as an energy efficient way to meet the continuously increasing demands for better vacuum capacity on large sanitary installations. The OnlineMax pump offers significant long-term operational savings.

Multiple advantages are:

  • High-capacity, low-footprint design
  • Quick and flexible installation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Simple, fully automatic operation
  • Robust design and quality, reliable components
  • No foaming and no need for antifoaming chemicals
  • No collecting tank needed
  • Vacuum performance independent of discharge head
  • Discharge up to 20 metres
  • No cooling or sealing water 

Evac Vacuum Tank Units
Vacuum tanks are the original technology first and most used.
Vacuum tank systems consist of a vacuum tank (normally 1-6 m3 in capacity), vacuum pumps and sewage discharge pumps.  Unlike the OnlineMax, for example, sewage is collected to the tank and discharged in batches.  As with the OnlineMax vacuum is created by special vacuum pumps but the vacuum tank also acts as a big vacuum buffer for the system.
Benefits of the Evac EcoVac tank are:


  • Modern compact design with optimized components
  • The best efficiency in energy consumption
  • High capacity with small footprint
  • Wastewater holding capacity 
  • Additional vacuum volume in the tank
  • Available with different vacuum capacities

Evac Ejector Units
The ejector vacuum collecting units are made using proven, robust technology, which is simple and reliable and still present a good option for certain applications.  They have fewer moving parts than other solutions, making them extremely low maintenance. 
Ejector vacuum collecting units have a flexible design offering a large number of different possible variations and holding tank alternatives.
The ejectors’ aeration effect on sewage means that there is no need for additional aeration of vacuum collecting units.  This means no hazardous H2S gases and/or odors from the aerobic waste water process.



Evac 910 vacuum toilet
Specially designed for many purposes the Evac 910 is the quietest toilet on the market according to tests carried out by an independent research center.  The Evac 910 is available in floor and wall models and uses the proven Evac pneumatic flush mechanism, with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology. 
The water consumption of the Evac 910 is very low and can be adjusted, as can the flushing time.  With the Evac 910 there are no overflows, backflows or unflushed toilet bowls caused by a temporary loss of vacuum.
The new Prestige seat can withstand 280 kg, is resistant to cigarette burns and scratches and can be made of anti-bacterial urea (optional), offering additional protection against a wide range of bacteria.
The Evac 910 toilet is also available as a “touch free” version, called the Evac 910 Autoflush,  and as a fire resistant version called the Evac 910 B15, featuring a back plate that has been certified as a pipe penetration for B-15 bulkheads.


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