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About Us

Newton Power Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2003, with a vision to help alleviate the growing water pollution problems domestically and internationally. Our mission is also to provide society with an alternative system for the conveyance of sewage and waste water to its final treatment destination. In tandem with population growth townships and cities expanded to marginal lands such peat swamp, soft coastal alluvial flats and sea reclamation where the terrain is flat. Conventional gravity sewerage system is not ideal for such flat terrain as well as soft ground with high water table. Construction of deep manholes and laying of sewer pipes in deep trenches shall invariably involve excavation works. Trenching works in soft ground with high water table will be costly as trench walls need to be shored up to prevent collapse. Vacuum line on the other hand can be laid in trenches under a meter depth, hence economical and works can be expedited. Our environmentally responsible Vacuflow vacuum sewerage system offers recyclable raw materials, low implementation costs and minimal energy consumption as well as easy maintenance. Therefore the alternative economical and functional option is to utilise QUAVAC VACUUM SEWERAGE CONVEYANCE SYSTEM.

EVAC VACUUM SYSTEM consisting of new basins or toilet bowls complete with vacuum lines and pump system can be installed with ease in occupied buildings such as shopping malls, offices, restaurants and F&B outlets. New vacuum lines can be installed and run within ceiling space without resorting to hacking of existing structures.

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